Dig Your Own Cactus is the duo of Ted Quinn and Tony Mason, with friends and guest artists Elia Arce, Fred Drake and Joe City Garcia.

Ted and his partner Elia moved to the high desert village of Joshua Tree to make music and art in a clean air, low rent environment. They had met while each was recording separate projects at Fred Drake's Rancho de la Luna. When Ted arrived with a new batch of songs, written with friends Johnny Vargas and Joe City Garcia, Fred asked Tony to play guitar on the tracks. Later, when Elia had to miss a performance due to a broken foot, Ted and Joe, along with Adriene Jenik, Rustle Moore and Rey Ortega, provided improvisational backing for a video to be shown in her place. Joe suggested the name Dig Your Own Cactus after a sign on Highway 62.

'Design,' the third album, was recorded at the Rancho de la Luna, a short walk down the dirt road from Tony's Back of the Moon studio - and Ted and Elia's nice green house.