"Quinn is a word-sorcerer -- part travelling minstrel, part love child and part guerilla warrior..who composes love songs of rebellion ... absolutely definitive, blunt, biting and brutal social statements. It seems a brilliant, although divinely uncalculated, ploy to use the love song as a vehicle for social condemnation...the expansion of the personal and political to the spiritual..."

Venice Magazine





soon to be available
a deluxe five cd box set by
Dig Your Own Cactus
Ministry of Fools
Ted Quinn and Friends Obviously

Ministry of Fools "Color While You Dream"
(Robert Alan, Fred Drake, Ted Quinn)

Zero Tolerance, Us Against Them, Something to Look Forward to, Little Blue, Pray for Rain, Outside World, Emmeline, We are We are We, Thirst for God, Please, Goodnight I Love You
plus never before released: Citizens of the World, You've Got to Feel and George Harrison's Isn't It a Pity

produced by Ministry of Fools at Dominion Sound, Hollywood, CA

Ted Quinn & Friends Obviously "Canvas"
(with Billy Bizeau, Fred Drake, Joe Garcia, Tony Mason and Victoria Williams)

Climb, Weight of the World on Your Wings, Orphanage of Souls, I Wish I Could Say, Give the Love You Need, Gallery, Last Nights Wind, She is Waiting, Baby Steps, Power of Love, Stray Arrow, Town Crier, I Dreamed I Saw John Lennon

produced by Fred Drake and Billy Bizeau at Dominion Sound and Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, CA

Dig Your Own Cactus "Postcards from Joshua Tree"
(Ted Quinn, Tony Mason, Fred Drake, Joe Garcia and featured artist Elia Arce)

Ride (acoustic), Cosas Simples, Ends of the Earth, Original Star, Wild West Ballet, Macorina, Memory Alley, High Price of Oil, Blood, Last Saturday of November, Bird From the Nest, Crow, Garbage, Passion Slaves, La Llorona, Desert to the Sea, Wash Away

produced by the artists at Rancho De La Luna and at NoMadHouse, Joshua Tree, CA

Dig Your Own Cactus "Two"
(Ted Quinn and Tony Mason)

You Never Stray From Your Path, Easy Way Out, Gunman, Trouble-Free Song, A Face in the Crowd, Carla Faye, May You Ride, Inexperience, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, A Boat to Row, Goin' to Mecca

produced by Mason and Quinn at Chaparral Bottoms, Joshua Tree, CA and McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica

Dig Your Own Cactus "Design"
(Ted Quinn, Tony Mason with Elia Arce, Joe Garcia and Fred Drake)

Pilgrim, Sloop John B, Ride, Shepherd Boy, Indian Nuclear Summer, Warrior, Tolerance

produced by Mason and Quinn at Rancho De La Luna and Back of the Moon, Joshua Tree, CA

five cds in a numbered edition
with lyrics and art


"Color While You Dream," "Canvas," "Two," and "Design"
available individually

$13 each
"Some of the most heartwarming music I've ever heard in a club...A remarkable variation on Dylan's Blonde on Blonde era."

L.A. Weekly

"Dylanesque, sometimes surreal rock from an outfit with no attitude...Ted sings 'em with feeling and quite a few tunes are pleasantly sweet and heartfelt."

L.A. Reader